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GP   practices   are   required   to   sign   up   to   a   number   of   NHS   contracts   to   provide   certain   additional   services   to   patients.   Some of the contracts we are signed up to for 2016/17 are: Friends and Family Test The   Friends   and   Family   Test   (FFT)   is   an   important   feedback   tool   that   supports   the   fundamental   principle   that   people   who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. It   asks   people   if   they   would   recommend   the   services   they   have   used   and   offers   a   range   of   responses.   When   combined   with supplementary   follow-up   questions,   the   FFT   provides   a   mechanism   to   highlight   both   good   and   poor   patient   experience.   This kind of feedback is vital in transforming NHS services and supporting patient choice. Paper   copies   of   the   test   are   available   in   the   surgery   waiting   room   for   patients   to   complete   following   an   appointment, however if you would prefer to print it and complete it at home and then drop it back to us, then it can be downloaded here FFT questionnaire All responses are anonymous. There is a designated box in the waiting room to post your completed questionnaire in ------------------------------ Admissions Avoidance This   enhanced   service   (ES)   is   designed   to   help   reduce   avoidable   unplanned   admissions   by   improving   services   for   vulnerable patients   and   those   with   complex   physical   or   mental   health   needs,   who   are   at   high   risk   of   hospital   admission   or   re- admission. Identify patients who are at high risk of avoidable unplanned admissions Review and improve the hospital discharge process for patients on the register and coordinate delivery of care Undertake internal practice reviews of emergency admissions and A&E attendances. ------------------------------