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Saxquax Feedback
Did you know that the Saxmundham Surgery has a Patient Participation Group? The   aim   of   the   group   is   to   provide   patient   feedback   and   act   as   a   bridge   between   the   Practice   and   the   patients   –   of whom there are about 9000. The   Saxquax   Feedback   patient   participation   group   was   started   at   the   beginning   of   2009   and   has   been   involved   in   the following initiatives: Promotion of Organ Donation Publicity for Volunteer Hospital Transport Raising   awareness   of      ‘Medical   Alert’   information,   such   as   Emergency   Cards,   Mobile   Phone   Emergency   Nos   and Emergency Bottles containing important information. Survey of patient views on being sent copies of GP Referral Letters. (very positive) Helping the surgery (marshalling) on Flu-clinic Vaccination Days Raising the profile of the PPG Annually Saxquax Feedback produce a report, clicking below to view this years: 2014/15 report You   are   probably   aware   that   there   are   major   government   changes   in   the   way   Health   Care   will   be   purchased   –   aiming   to give local groups of Doctors more influence in deciding what their patients need. If   you   have   any   ideas   or   suggestions   you   would   like   to   pass   on   to   your   Surgery   or   can   think   of   things   that   the   PPG   might do,   then   write   to   Jayne   Coulson   at   The   Surgery,   Lambsale   Meadow,   Saxmundham   IP17   1DY,   or   send   her   an   email Below are some PPG documents: Saxquax Feedback AGM 2013 Saxquax Feedback AGM 2012 Saxquax Feedback AGM - 2011 Saxquax Feedback AGM - 2010 Saxquax Feedback minutes January 2016 Saxquax Feedback minutes January 2015 Saxquax Feedback minutes October 2014 Saxquax Feedback minutes July 2014 Saxquax Feedback minutes April 2014 Saxquax Feedback minutes January 2014 Saxquax Feedback minutes June 2013 Saxquax Feedback minutes March 2013 Saxquax Feedback minutes January 2013 Saxquax Feedback minutes April 2012 Saxquax Feedback minutes February 2012 Saxquax Feedback minutes November 2011 Saxquax Feedback minutes - September 2011 Saxquax Feedback minutes - September 2010 Saxquax Feedback minutes - February 2009
WANTED! We are looking for proactive members who are representative of the cross section of our Practice population. We meet four times a year in the evening however we would like to have contact with as many patients as possible and are looking at setting up a virtual group. If you would like to be kept informed via email please contact reception with your details.