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Referred by your Doctor?
If   a   GP   decides   that   you   need   to   be   referred   for   further   care   they   can   do   this   one   of   two   ways.   You   can   either   be referred   "manually"   using   typed   letters   which   are   sent   in   the   post/by   email/by   fax   to   which   ever   hospital   the   GP   feels appropriate    (usually    Ipswich    Hospital)    or    they    could    refer    you    using    the    electronic    E-Referral    system.    For    more information about both methods carry on reading... Paper referrals When   not   using   the   choose   and   book   system   a   GP   will   dictate   a   referral   letter   which   is   then   typed   by   a   secretary   and sent   to   the   relevant   hospital.   Almost   all   of   the   referrals   go   to   Ipswich   Hospital   or   James   Paget.   The   hospital   will   then contact the patient with an appointment. E-referrals (formerally Choose & Book) This   way   of   referring   patients   means   that   patients   get   more   choice   about   the   time   of   their   appointment   and   which hospital   they   attend.   This   choice   is   dependent   on   NHS   contracts   but   patients   are   able   to   chose   hospitals   on   a   more national   basis.   For   example   if   an   appointment   is   available   at   a   hospital   in   London   with   a   shorter   waiting   list   than   a   local hospital, then if the patient is happy to travel, they may chose to be seen in London. E-Referral   also   means   that   the   practice   secretaries   can   send   the   referral   letter   off   electronically   to   the   relevant   hospital which is much quicker and more secure than sending a paper copy.  Advice & Guidance With   the   NHS   being   subjected   to   increasingly   tight   budgets   the   pressure   is   on   to   save   as   much   money   as   possible,   but without   compromising   patient   care.   Saxmundham   first   piloted   the   Advice   Letter   Listing   (ALL)   project   in   2010   in conjunction   with   Ipswich   Hospital.   This   uses   the   technology   of   the   E-Referral   system,   but   rather   than   sending   over   a referral   letter,   asking   the   Consultant   to   review   a   patient   in   their   outpatient   clinic,   in   the   first   instance   the   GP   sends   the information    over    the    the    Consultant    who    can    either    recommend    an    outpatient    appointment,    or    an    alternative management   plan   which   can   be   followed   in   the   community.   This   not   only   saves   the   patient   an   unnecessary   trip   to hospital, it also avoids the cost involved in an outpatient appointment. This   project   was   initially   just   used   by   a   few   hospital   specialities,   but   is   now   used   by   the   the   majority   of   departments   at Ipswich Hospital. If you have a query regarding your referral you can contact one of our practice secretaries, either by telephone (01728 602022) or using their email address