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Our Projects
Here   at   Saxmundham   Surgery   we   are   continuously   striving   to   implement   new   projects   which   will   have   a   beneficial   effect on our patients and their health. Below are further details of some of our most recent projects. Facelook This   is   a   local   GP   led   project   to   try   to   tackle   social   isolation   in   our   rural   East   Suffolk   community using   set   top   boxes   and   skype   like   technology   to   allow   conversations   between   the   elderly   and family,   friends,   and   British   Red   Cross   volunteers   through   televisions   rather   than   computers. Fore more information please visit ------------------------------------------------ The i-van - a mobile clinic for glaucoma patients Approximately   10%   of   UK   blindness   registrations   are   attributed   to   glaucoma   and   the   prevalence   rate   increases   with   age so   is   estimated   to   rise   to   over   9%   in   people   over   75.   Already   many   more   than   489,000   people   are   affected   by   chronic open angle glaucoma in England. The   population   of   East   Suffolk   is   largely   elderly   and   rural.   Glaucoma   is   a   common   problem   and   the   group   affected   find   it very difficult to get to the hospital. Not only is it a long way away but, with impaired vision, travel can be a real struggle. The   ‘i-van’   is   a   mobile   clinic   containing   all   the   equipment   needed   to   review   the      patients.   The   van’s   staff   includes   one optometrist, two clinical assistants and one administrator The   entire   appointment   in   the   van   takes   around   an   hour   and   no   one   leaves   without   having   all   the   tests,   so   there   is   no need for them to re-attend until they are next due. The service can see up to 20 patients in one day. ------------------------------------------------ Advice Letter Listing With   the   NHS   being   subjected   to   increasingly   tight   budgets   the   pressure   is   on   to   save   as   much   money   as   possible,   but without    compromising    patient    care.    Saxmundham    first    piloted    the    Advice    Letter    Listing    (ALL)    project    in    2010    in conjunction   with   Ipswich   Hospital.   This   uses   the   technology   of   Choose   &   Book,   but   rather   than   sending   over   a   referral letter,   asking   the   Consultant   to   review   a   patient   in   their   outpatient   clinic,   in   the   first   instance   the   GP   sends   the   information over   the   the   Consultant   who   can   either   recommend   an   outpatient   appointment,   or   an   alternative   management   plan   which can   be   followed   in   the   community.   This   not   only   saves   the   patient   an   unnecessary   trip   to   hospital,   it   also   avoids   the   cost involved in an outpatient appointment. This   project   was   initially   just   used   by   a   few   hospital   specialities,   but   is   now   used   by   the   majority   of   departments   at Ipswich Hospital. ------------------------------------------------ Electronic Hospital discharge This   use   of   technology   allows   hospitals   to   email   over   discharge   summary   reports   directly   to   the   practice   the   same   day that   the   patient   has   been   seen   and   discharged.   Previously   there   would   be   a   number   of   days   delay   in   the   practice receiving   the   paper   copy   after   finding   its   way   slowly   through   the   internal   post.   However,   now   the   practice   has   access   to the   information   the   same   day.   As   the   discharges   are   now   typed   on   the   computer   by   Ipswich   Hospital   it   also   saves   time having to decipher a consultants handwriting! ------------------------------------------------ Self referral physiotherapy This   allows   patients   to   refer   themselves   into   the   physiotherapy   service   rather   than   going   through   their   GP.   The   waiting time   is   significantly   shorter,   and   the   patients   problems   are   triaged   by   a   physiotherapist   so   that   they   can   ensure   the   right care is offered. To use the service or find out more visit ------------------------------------------------ Learning disability reviews The   practice   is   now   offering   all   patients   with   a   moderate   or   severe   learning   disability   an   annual   health   check.   People   with learning   disabilities   are   often   more   likely   to   suffer   from   certain   diseases,   for   example   heart   problems.   It   is   therefore important that they are reviewed on a regular basis and any potential problems are investigated.