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Practice shut down Ipswich     and     East     Suffolk CCG       are       fund       training sessions    for    practices.    This will   mean   that   practices   will be   closed   for   half   a   day   for these sessions. The       sessions       are       vital protected   time   for   GP’s   and all    practice    staff    to    receive training    so    that    they    can give the best care possible. The   dates   of   the   shut   down days  for 2017 are: 23/3/17 26/4/17 18/5/17 7/6/17 13/7/17 7/9/17 4/10/17 16/11/17 13/12/17 On     the     above     dates     the surgery    will    be    shut    from 1pm.     Our     telephone     lines will   be   manned   by   Harmoni, the out of hours provider.
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Private Services It   is   unfortunate   that   not   all   of   our   services   are   covered   by   the   NHS   and   require   us   to   charge   a private fee. Increasingly   we   are   asked   to   provide   letters,   reports   or   certificates   on   behalf   of   patients   to   third parties   such   as   insurance   companies   or   employers,   to   ‘confirm’   that   a   patient   has   had   a   medical intervention (This is only ever provided with the appropriate consent from the patient) In     order     to     cover     the     cost     of     administering     this     request     (secretarial     time     to     type     the report/certificate/letter),   checking   the   appropriateness   of   the   request   and   the   doctors   time   to compose   the   letter   etc.   we   do   need   to   charge   a   fee.      We   aim   to   keep   our   charges   reasonable, whilst endeavouring to deal with your requests in a timely manner.  Please   bear   in   mind   that   these   are   services   over   and   above   the   day   to   day   priority   of   providing NHS care.
Saxmundham Health has saved the NHS £87,118 in the past 6 months by choosing the most cost effective medications. THIS EQUALS  15 HIP REPLACEMENTS Thank you for your help and support in making these changes