Saxmundham   surgery   was   first   established   in   the   Beeches   in 1734,   the   surgery   moved   to   its   present   single   storey,   privately owned   premises   in   1984.   We   have   8   doctors,   5   GP   partners   and 3    salaried    GPs.    The    practice    currently    has    just    over    9000 patients   registered,   of   which   roughly   50%   are   dispensing.   We are   open   from   8.00am   -   6.30pm   every   weekday   and   have   a   full time   dispensary   which   will   issue   medication   to   those   who   live more than one mile away from a chemist. We    are    a    paper    light    practice    which means   that   although   we   hold   your   paper   medical   records,   we   rarely   use   them   now. All   of   your   information   is   stored   on   our   computer   system   and   we   employ   medical summarisers   to   transfer   paper   notes   onto   the   computer   when   a   new   patient   joins   the surgery.   This   means   that   a   GP   can   see   a   patients   medical   history   much   more   easily when treating them. The    practice    has    approximately    35    staff    consisting    of    practice    nurses,    a    nurse practitioner,     HCA’s,     dispensary     staff,     reception     staff,     practice     managers     and administration   staff   -   so   we   are   bursting   at the   seams!   As   well   as   all   the   practice   staff we   have   a   number   of   community   staff   who work   from   the   building.   These   include   health   visitors,   district nurses   and   community   midwives.   All   staff   within   the   surgery work    together    to    make    sure    patients    receive    the    best    care possible. There   are   a   couple   of   policies   that   we   feel   patients   should   be aware of when visiting the surgery: Chaperone Policy Saxmundham   Health   Group   is   committed   to   providing   a   safe,   comfortable   environment   where   patients   and staff   can   be   confident   that   best   practice   is   being   followed   at   all   times   and   the   safety   of   everyone   is   of paramount    importance.    Our    chaperone    policy    adheres    to    local    and    national    guidance    and    policy    e.g.”NCGST   Guidance   on   the   Role   and   effective   use   of   chaperones   in   Primary   and   Community   Care settings” and is advertised through patient information leaflets, newsletters and on notice boards. If   you   require   a   chaperone,   patients   are   encouraged   to   ask   at   the   time   of   booking   their   appointment.   All staff   are   aware   of,   and   have   received   appropriate   information   in   relation   to   this   chaperoning   policy.   All formal chaperones understand their role and responsibilities and are competent to perform that role. Complaints If   you   have   any   complaints   or   concerns   about   the   service that   you   have   received   from   the   Doctors   or   staff   working for   this   practice   you   are   entitled   to   an   explanation.   Your complaint   should   be   addressed   to   our   Practice   Manager who   will   acknowledge   receipt   within   2   working   days.   We will   then   aim   to   investigate   your   complaint   thoroughly   and respond to you within 10 working days. Violent / Abusive Behaviour Violent   or   abusive   behaviour   towards   any   member   of   staff on   the   practice   premises   will   not   be   tolerated   and   may result in removal from the practice list. Freedom of Information The   Freedom   of   Information   Act   2000   aims   to   ensure   that   public   authorities,   such   as   Saxmundham   Health Group,   are   open   in   the   way   they   conduct   their   business.   We   have   developed   a   Publication   Scheme   which details   all   the   information   routinely   made   available   to   the   public.   Please   contact   the   Practice   Manager   for details of this scheme or access the FOI website on Data Protection The   Practice   ensures   strict   adherence   to   the   rule   of   medical confidentiality.    No    medical    information    is    disclosed    without appropriate   authority.      Please   click   here   for   more   information   on data sharing Language Line If   you   require   an   interpreter   in   your   required   language,   please inform the receptionist when you book your appointment Security Closed circuit television (CCTV) is installed at the practice premises for the purposes of staff, patient and premises security. Cameras are located at various places on the premises, and images from the cameras are recorded. The use of CCTV falls within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998.  Please click here for further information. Acces to medical health records - click here for more information  
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Out of Practice Area Registration A     new     patient     registration arrangement    was    introduced from   January   2015   that   gives us      the      ability      to      accept patients   who   live   outside   the practice     area     without     the obligation    to    provide    home visits. In   order   for   us   to   ensure   your clinical        care        is        safely managed    and    that    you    are able    to    receive    a    seamless and   full   range   of   services,   it   is our     policy     to     continue     not registering    patients    who    live outside         our         advertised practice area.