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Useful information leaflets
As   a   practice   we   are   dedicated   to   giving   our   patients   the   best   care   possible,   and   where   we   can   we   like   to   give patients enough information to help manage their own health. Smoking   cessation   leaflet    - A   practice   produced   leaflet   offering   support   and   advice for those trying to give up smoking. Contraceptive    choice    leaflet     -    information    outlining    all    long    acting    reversible methods of contraception available. Hypertension   information   leaflet    -   a   leaflet   with   details   about   hypertension   (high   blood   pressure)   and   how to manage it effectively. Contraceptive   choices   for   people   being   treated   for   epilepsy    -   patients   on   some   anti   epileptic   medication require slightly different contraceptive choices. Weight reduction information  - everything you need to live healthily and happily! Stuff 4 u 4 Life  - Leaflet aimed at teenagers discouraging smoking and obesity Who    Can    Help    Me?     -    Leaflet    aimed    at    teenagers    offering    advice    on    a    variety    of    issues    including contraception, relationships, pregnancy, health, alcohol and drugs   Airway Code  - A management guide for those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Change   of   details   form    -   if   any   of   your   information   changes,   e.g.   name/contact   details,   please   complete this form and give to reception or post to us so that we can update your records Travel   clinic   form    -   please   complete   this   in   advance   of   your   appointment   in   the   travel   clinic.   This   will ensure that you get the correct information from our Travel Nurse. Take care of yourself - use this leaflet to keep yourself and your family well