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We   understand   how   busy   our   patients   lives   are   now   a   days   an   how   hard   it   can   be   to   fit   in   a   visit   to   the   doctors,   so   with   this in mind we would like to offer an alternative... Before   making   an   appointment   why   not   take   a   look   at   some   of   links   at   the   bottom   of   this   page   to   see   if   they   may   answer your   questions.   Or   visit   ,   type   in   your   problem   or   symptoms   and   it   will   bring   up   a   whole   host   of   useful information which may save you the need for a doctors appointment (not that we don’t like to see you!) However,   if   after   reading   the   relevant   information   you   would   still   like   to   make   an   appointment   with   a   GP,   then   please   either ring   the   surgery   on   01728   602022   or   use   the   "online   facilities"   link   right   at   the   bottom   of   this   page   to   make   an   online appointment. If   you   would   like   to   make   an   appointment   to   see   your   doctor   online   you   will   need   to   first   register   with   the   practice.   We   will then   issue   you   with   a   password   which   you   can   use   to   create   an   account   on   the   website   below.   Once   you   have   created   your account    you    will    then    be    able    to    book    appointments    and    order    repeat medication online. To   request   a   password   and   more   information   please   contact   us.   You   can   do this either by telephone (01728) 602022 or by popping into the surgery. Once   you   have   registered   you   need   to   keep   your   log   on   details   safe   and   do not   disclose   them   to   anyone.   To   set   up   an   account   for   online   appointment booking and ordering of repeat medication please click here  
Online Access Saxmundham Health are now able to offer patients online access to their medical records. Please read and complete this form and bring it into reception along with some ID and we will set up your account . This system also allows you to order medication and book/cancel appointments online
In    order    to    help    us    manage    the    demand    for    telephone appointments   and   repeat   prescriptions   we   are   now   trying   to actively promote the use of Patient Online Access. Patient   Online Access   has   been   in   use   for   a   number   of   years, allowing    you    to    book    appointments    and    order    medication online,    however    it    now    has    the    additional    functionality    of access to your electronic medical record. The     Online    Access     application     form     also     enables     non dispensing   patients   to   have   their   prescription   automatically sent    to    a    pharmacy    of    their    choice.    This    would    save    you having      to      drop      off      and      collect      your      prescription request/prescription from the Surgery..